Sunday, November 19, 2006

University of Chicago

I still call Chicago home. I've been in Alexandria for 11 years now and I love it, but it will never be home. I'm often asked if I would consider moving back. And I would, but then it gets cold again, and that makes me remember how much I love living here during the wintertime.

Walking across the Quad at the University of Chicago, or worse, across the Midway, was enough to make me realize that I can never go home again. I have family back in Chicago-- but I could happily wait til spring to see them (love you Michael!)

Instead, I will venture back to the University of Chicago, my alma mater, to a board meeting in January where it is certain to be snowing with windchills that will make me cry. I am new to the Alumni Board of Governors-- it's a steering organization of 25 from across the university. I am an alumna of the College, though others represent Law, Medicine, Graduate School of Business and more. It's been a privilege to serve and I'm in constant awe of the quality of the people who sit on the board.

So if you're a Chicago alum-- just look me up! Would love to hear about your thoughts on the school.

New Years Eve

We're looking for something fun to do for New Years this year. Last year we took Terry's folks to the Greenbriar in White Sulphur Spring, WV. It's a beautiful old hotel and it's got plenty to do. Also considering outer banks of north carolina. Anyone been to the Homestead?


Tasha, my English Pointer


My nieces all grew up in the mid-atlantic region and have been playing Lacrosse-- which is not a midwestern sport. It completely escapes me. I'd invite your help, but I need a page without comments.